Frequently Asked Questions

No Free Tickets' is a restriction placed by film distribution companies on some newly released movies. No complimentary coupons or free passes can be used for these films until the restriction is lifted - generally until the film has been showing for about two weeks. Some major release movies may remain restricted for a longer period. Passes that list the name of a specific movie and the term “In Season” it can be used for all sessions, even where NFT has been specified. The NFT restriction does NOT apply to pre-paid vouchers including Star Passes – these have been purchased from the cinema and are thus not “free”, even if you were given one as a gift.
We are closely affiliated with Village Cinemas, and all Village branded gift vouchers, gift cards, prepaid tickets etc are all valid here. Village Movie Club cards are however not valid, and special offers and promotions by Village may not be valid in Albury. Most (but not all) Event Cinemas / Greater Union / Birch Carroll & Coyle branded vouchers can be accepted, but Gift Cards of these three brands can NOT be used at this cinema. If in doubt please ask and we will be happy to check if the voucher scans into our system. Hoyts products are not valid under any circumstances. We are an independent cinema, and have no affiliation with Regent Cinemas Ballarat, or any other similarly named cinema, and thus vouchers from these cinemas are not valid.
Bookings can be made online via the “Times & Tickets” tab of the website; simply find your selected session time and click it to be transferred to our online ordering facility (though Village Cinemas). Booking fees will apply. Telephone bookings can be made via our ticket office on (02) 6021 3044. A telephone booking fee of $1 for traditional cinema and $3.75 for Gold Class applies. All phone bookings must be made by Credit Card, we do not take bookings without payment. Gold Class bookings using gift vouchers can be made via phone with no booking fee applicable. Please note that 3D films will incur a surcharge, and a credit card is required in this case. For group bookings please call the Ticket Office on (02) 6021 3044 to speak with our Functions Co-ordinator.
Yes we have EFTPOS and credit card facilities at both ticket office and candy bar. Please note we do not offer cash out, and do not accept AMEX or Diners Club. A Hume Building Society ATM is also located in the front wall of the building near in Intencity for your convenience.
For the comfort and safety of other patrons we DO NOT allow any hot foods, cans or bottles into the cinemas, with the exception of coffees in takeaway cups with lid. Please also note that Regent Cinemas is unable to provide patrons usage of appliances suitable for heating baby bottles. Please contact the cinema for further details on (02) 6021 3044.
Unfortunately due to Public Safety and Fire regulations we do not permit prams into individual cinemas. We do not except liability for prams left on the premises unattended. However we will do our best, with your permission to monitor your pram. Please also note that Regent CInemas is unable to provide patrons usage of appliances suitable for heating baby bottles. For further advice or discussion regarding our prams policy please contact our Cinema Manager on (02) 6041 2655
Wheelchair access is available in all cinemas. Please advise a staff member if you need assistance, especially if your movie is screening in our historical Cinema 1 which has an alternative entrance for wheelchairs which our staff can assist you with.
Purchasing tickets in advance guarantees you a seat for each ticket purchased, however we do not have allocated/or reserve seating policy except in Gold Class. Popular films will have longer lines and may sell out. We recommend you arrive 15-20 minutes before start time so you can select your favourite seat, as purchasing in advance does not guarantee a specific seat within the cinema.
Session times are updated on the website and tickets put on sale at approximately 2pm every Tuesday, for the coming Thursday through the following Wednesday. For selected special events or large blockbuster movies we may also open taken sales early. In this case we will advise customers via our website, our facebook account, our email newsletters, and in most cases in The Border Mail.
Tickets are put on sale when session times are opened and advertised. We recommend for the most popular films, and during the weekends and holidays, that you plan to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the advertised start time or drop in either before or during the day and purchase early to avoid disappointment.
Group bookings of 20+ can be accepted further in advance, and we encourage all groups to book early. Please contact our Functions Co-ordinator via our Ticket Office on 02 6021 3044. Individual tickets can only be booked once the sessions are put on sale.
The season length of any particular film is not set in advance, and depends on its ongoing popularity, as well as the need to make space for new releases. As a general guide most mainstream films will screen for 2-6 weeks and most showcase films will screen from 1-4 weeks. However if a movie continues to be popular we will extend the season.
We have a total of 9 cinemas, but usually screen between 12-20 different movies in any given week. As there are more movies than cinemas, many movies have to “share” a cinema. Our aim is to give the newest and/or most popular movies the maximum number of screenings. We also aim to provide times that are appropriate for the target audience of each particular movie, while still including sessions for as many specialised market and end of season movies as possible.
As we can have 12-20 different movies screening, but only have two Gold Class cinema, we have to make commercial decisions as to which movies to show, which unfortunately cannot please everyone. We generally screen between four to six different movies per week. Many movies will only screen in Gold Class for one to two weeks to allow us to provide maximum variety, so we encourage you to book promptly.
We aim to screen a wide a variety as possible of mainstream and showcase movies. However we unfortunately we do not have the capacity to screen every movie released in Australia. We welcome your feedback and suggestions as to movies to screen, but also appreciate your understanding that not all requests can be fulfilled. The coming soon list is subject to change at any time, through both late inclusions and cancellations.
Distributors often prefer to initially release these types of films into a limited number of selected cinemas, usually in inner city areas. This is partly to maintain the exclusivity of a film but also to reduce the costs involved in manufacturing of film “prints”. A single print of a film costs more than $2000 and it is often difficult for a film distributor to recover this cost at suburban or regional locations. Therefore in many cases we have to wait until another cinema has finished their season before we can access a print, and may then only have it for a limited time before we are required to pass it onto another location.
We advertise movies as far in advance as possible to allow our patrons time to plan what they want to see. Many movies are therefore advertised before they are confirmed by the distributor, which often only happens shortly before the first screening date. As such release dates and availabilities can change, in most cases these are set by the distributors and are out of our control.
Every film and computer game has to be classified before it can be legally made available to the public. Some publications also need to be classified. There are limited exceptions to this rule. The Classification Board provides a rating and also decides what consumer advice should be provided with each classification. Consumer advice is designed to let consumers know which classifiable elements (for example violence, sex, coarse language, themes, drug use and/or nudity) have led to the classification decision. Consumer advice helps you make an informed choice about the material you, or those in your care, choose to read, view or play.
G, PG & M are advisory ratings and we encourage parents and patrons to use these ratings to make informed decisions. Entry is however not legally restricted by age. MA15+ is a legally restricted rating, and patrons under 15 cannot attend unless under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian over 18 who is exercising "parental control". An older sibling or friend would not generally satisfy this requirement, whereas a grandparent, aunt or uncle may. R18+ is also legally restricted, people aged under 18 cannot be admitted to an R18+ film, even if under supervision.
Please visit the Contact Us page on this website to submit your question, and we will assist you as best as possible. Or call our ticket office on (02) 6021 3044 between 10am and 9pm for assistance.