Digital 3D Cinema

Digital 3D

Forget the old red and blue cardboard glasses, Regent Cinemas has followed 3D cinema into the digital era with digital 3D projectors and the latest state-of-the –art 3D technology from RealD. This is your chance to be truly immersed in a movie experience that will have you jumping and ducking in and out of your seat – literally!


Regent Cinemas have installed the RealD 3D system, the world's first and leading stereoscopic projection system for digital cinema. First deployed in 2005 it is now the most widely developed 3D projection system in the world with over 5,000 installations worldwide.

3D Glasses

The RealD glasses are comfortable plastic glasses that are distributed to patrons when they purchase a ticket to the 3D movies at the low cost of only $1.00 per pair. They are designed to fit easily and comfortably on all adults, and will also fit over the top of most prescription glasses. Childrens size glasses are now also available.


Best of all, the glasses are yours to keep after the screening as a souvenir of your 3D experience with Regent Cinemas, and can also be used again and again saving re-purchase.

How 3D Works

3D works by presenting viewers with a slightly separated set of images for the left and right eye in such quick succession that our brain perceives the images as appearing at the same time and having a depth of field (with the RealD system you are actually being shown 144 images every second!). The glasses ensure that the right eye only sees the images intended for the right eye and the same for the left eye.


*Please note: 3D movies incur an admission surcharge of $3.00. Reusable 3D glasses are available for $1.00.