Star Passes - Personalised Corporate Tickets For Your Business

Star Passes & Corporate Tickets

REGENT CINEMAS works hard to give you and your business the best advantage when purchasing our movie products!

We appreciate your business, and will always find ways to continue to provide you with the highest quality products and services. We offer a wide range of corporate tickets and vouchers as part of our "STAR PARTNERS" program. These vouchers are purchased in bulk at significant discounts compared to our normal ticket prices.

STAR PARTNERS products are ideal as incentives for both customers and staff in order to motivate and reward people.  

STAR PASSES are an ideal corporate gift as they offer the advantage of being gender and age neutral; everyone likes going to the movies, making it the smarter gift choice.

STAR PASSES and similar gift products can also be on sold at cost price as a service to their staff, or at a small profit which goes into the staff social fund or for charity fundraising.

Details and pricing for the individual STAR PARTNERS corporate cinema ticket products are available in our Star Pass Price Info

For more information on our STAR PASSES and other CORPORATE PRODUCTS please contact Julie Carden on email​​​​​​​​​​ or via our ticket office on 02 6021 3044.

Please note that corporate tickets are not available for purchase online, however a number of payment options are available, please call us for details .