RunNation Film Festival 2019/2020 World Tour

RunNation Film Festival 2019/2020 World Tour

The RunNation Film Festival presented by Travelling Fit is the only film festival in Australia dedicated to showing inspirational running films from around the world. We don't focus just on trails, track, road or ultra running; we focus on human-interest stories that use running as their medium of storytelling. The 2018 RunNation Film Festival will feature two world premieres among many other captivating, fast-moving and emotive short films. These films have been carefully curated with mesmerising cinematography and thought-provoking storylines, featuring heart-pounding races from the all points of view, from the elite athlete to the back-of-the-pack runner.

Release Date: Monday, 26 August 2019
Rating: G - General
Running Time: 0hr 0m
Directed byVarious

Session Times for Regent

Mon 26 Aug