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Royal Opera: Elektra

Royal Opera: Elektra

Klytämnestra plotted with her lover Ägisth to murder her husband King Agamemnon. Her daughter Elektra sent her brother Orest away to protect him. She is now an outcast in her mother’s home, and her unkempt appearance and repeated honouring of her dead fatherprovoke Klytämnestra’s anger. Elektra longs only for revenge, after which she will dance in triumph. Her sister Chrysothemis is desperate to escape from the palace. Klytämnestra is wracked with guilt and Elektra tells her it will only be assuaged by the queen’s own violent death. News comes that Orest is dead. Then a mysterious man arrives at the court.
Elektra recognizes the man as her brother, Orest. She is overjoyed. Orest begins to take his vengeance by brutally murdering his mother. Ägisth arrives, unaware of what is happening. Orest strikes him down too. Orest is acclaimed by the court and Elektra finally performs her dance of triumph, which has its own deadly conclusion.

Release Date: TBC
Rating: CTC - Not Yet Classified
Running Time: 0hr 0m
GenreOpera, Theatre

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